Monday, May 14, 2018

LSGTPA Double Header in Bonham

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports LSGTPA tractor pulling team are preparing for a double header in Bonham, Texas.  The events are scheduled to make up for a rain cancellation of previous events, originally planned in Bonham and Greenville.  LSGTPA teams from throughout the state will converge on Powder Creek Park in Bonham, for two rounds of tractor pulling action on Friday and Saturday, May 19th and 20th.

Action is scheduled for a 6:30pm start on Friday night, and a 3pm start on Saturday.  The pulling track is located across from the historic Bonham Depot, which houses the Fannin County Museum of History.

Lane Duncan will compete in the LSGTPA Youth Class category, aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' and his 'Twisted Kitty' tractors.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports Team are preparing for their senior year in LSGTPA Youth Class competition for 2018 !  Lane will once again, and for one final time, pilot his duo of LSGTPA Youth Class tractors downtrack in 2018.  Lane was crowned the 2016 Youth Class Champion, after posting a one-two finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' and 'Twisted Kitty' tractors, and followed with a podium finish in 2017, scoring a runnerup and fourth place finish in LSGTPA Championship points.  Lane hopes to close out his 8 season run in the Youth Class, with another strong finish !

LSGTPA Opening Day is scheduled for April 14th, as part of the Delta County Fair activities in Cooper, Texas.   The event is slated for a 2pm start, at the Delta County Fair Pulling Track at Harmon Park.

Mark your calendars, to come cheer on Lane during his senior season of LSGTPA Youth Class competition !

LSGTPA / Duncan Motorsports Pulling Schedule 2018

April 14          Delta County Fair        2pm          Cooper, Texas
April 20          Hunt County Fair        6pm          Greenville, Texas
April 21          Hunt County Fair        6pm          Greenville, Texas
May 5             Bonham Heritage Day 3pm          Bonham, Texas
Aug 8              Bill Halter Memorial   6pm          Blue Ridge, Texas
Oct 6               Old Time Saturday      12 noon    Farmersville, Texas
Oct 20             Help-A-Child Benefit   TBA         Sulphur Springs, Texas

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Duncan Motorsports 2017 LSGTPA Season Recap

As the 2017 Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association season rolls to an end, Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports team will take some time to reflect on the previous seasons, and then will prepare to enjoy his 'senior' year of LSGTPA Youth Class competition in 2018.

Lane was the returning LSGTPA Youth Class Champion during the 2017 pulling season, after having earned the title in 2016.  After a luke warm start to the season, Lane would pilot his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor to a win and runnerup, at the Hunt County Fair double header in Greenville.  Lane would follow up with a win and runnerup, at events in Blue Ridge and Sulphur Springs. A string of podium finishes would place Lane in the runnerup spot at the end of the season, just short of repeating his championship run.   Lane would also pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor to five podium finishes on the season, scoring a fourth place finish for the crowd favorite Youth Class entry.

Competing with two tractors in the Youth Class has been double the work, but double the fun !  The team will return in 2018 to field both tractors, as Lane graduates from the Youth Class after 2018.  Plans beyond that are unclear, but we hope to have a great 2018, with several fun bits planned for Lane's 'senior year' along the way !

No major changes are planned for the tractors during the off-season, as both the 'Twisted Kitty' and the 'Texas T-Rex' are both competitive.  The team will go over both tractors and freshen up a few pieces, mostly as preventative maintenance.  Stay tuned, as the 'shop' season may find the team changing plans.....

One thing is for sure, 2018 will be a fun, yet bitter sweet season for the team.  The LSGTPA Youth Class has been a great adventure for the Duncan family, and we will provide several recaps along the way, as we reflect on our journey.

Merry Christmas to everyone, and thanks for all of the supporters of our team and LSGTPA tractor pulling !!  Stay tuned !

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Duncan Posts Podium Finishes For Season Finale

Lane Duncan would wheel his two entries at the LSGTPA 2017 season final, into the top three spots, for a great podium finish for the Duncan Motorsports team.  Lane would post a runnerup finish aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, and would follow with a strong finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' machine with a third place scoring.

After a one-two finish in 2016, scoring the Youth Class Championship aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, Lane would pilot his 'Twisted Kitty' entry to a runnerup finish in 2017 championship points, just missing a repeat championship.   Lane would also place his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor in the top five in the LSGTPA Youth Class for the year.

The final event of the season was a feature of the Help-A-Child Benefit in Sulphur Springs, Texas.  The event was hosted by the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, and included a full day of tractor pulling action, inside and under the lights of the awesome arena.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Farmersville Old Time Saturday Recap

As the Duncan Motorsports Team rolled into Farmersville, Texas for the Old Time Saturday Pull, Lane Duncan and crew were confident that a good performance was in store for the great crowd of pulling fans.  Both the 'Texas T-Rex' tractor and the 'Twisted Kitty' tractor were prepped and ready, after a great showing and a victory from the previous event.  Riding in second place, in the LSGTPA 2017 points standing, Lane was excited at the opportunity to pull closer to the top spot, and make a run for the title at the season finale.

During the card draw, to decide the pulling order, Lane placed his 'T-Rex' tractor atop the run sheet, with an 'Ace' card from the deck.  With the 'T-Kitty', Lane would draw a 'Deuce', placing his two machines in a one-two order for the day.  The team was pretty excited to open the show, and looked to be in great shape, after posting two Full Pull's in the opening round.   That's when the rule book bit us.

A rule in the LSGTPA book, taken from other associations, calls for an adjustment to the sled in the case of the first two pullers posting a Full Pull.  This rule, is commonly used in pulling organizations that only provide one hook, to score the event.  The LSGTPA group, uses a combined total of two hooks, to score the event, making the rule unnecessary, and sometimes ignored.  On this day, however, officials chose to recalibrate the sled.  The effect on our team, was to take away our first two pulls, and place us last in the line of pullers with two hot tractors. 

The 'Twisted Kitty' was able to return and make a decent pull in the opening round, and make up some ground in the second round, to post a fourth place finish.  The 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, on the required re-hook, was on a decent run,  when the tractor suffered a couple of hard bounces, that knocked the transmission out of gear.  Not to make excuses, only providing the unusual chain of events that provided for a very challenging day for the team.  We enjoyed a great day for pulling, and visited with some awesome fans, but did not turn in the performance that we had expected.  On this day, it just wasn't in the cards !

Going forward, we have already formed a game plan to prevent such an event from occurring again.  So, lessons learned !  The team apologizes for the lackluster performance on the day, to our fans and supporters, but we are hoping to rebound at the 2017 season finale, and look forward to capping the year with a great event in Sulphur Springs.  Our final event will be contested at the Help-A-Child-Benefit, held at the Hopkins County Civic Center in Sulphur Springs.  Lots of activities are planned for the day, and we are excited to once again be a part of this great event !

Come support us, and all of the LSGTPA pullers, as well as an awesome event at the Help-A-Child-Benefit !

Thursday, September 21, 2017

McMillan Junior High's Lane Duncan Pulling For Wylie

McMillan Junior High student Lane Duncan wears a protective suit and helmet, as do many young athletes, when he prepares to compete.  He must wait on the signal to start, and must stay within the sideline boundaries during competition, as with many sports across Texas.  Duncan competes on a track, but rather than starting blocks, Lane will use a clutch to start his journey down track.  Welcome to the sport of tractor pulling.

The Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association is one of several organizations that provide rules and regulations for classes of pulling tractors, including a Youth Class, that compete on a 200 foot dirt track.  Contest rules are simple.  Each competitor attempts to move an 8500 pound sled, as far down the track as possible, with the winner determined by the combined distance of two pulls.  The contestant pulling the farthest distance, wins.  Machine classifications are a little more complicated, with the Youth Class designed for competitors up to and including 14 year old drivers.  Tractor weight, engine and tire size are limited, with finish positions often decided by inches on the track. 

Duncan is the returning LSGTPA 2016 Youth Class Champion.  Competing with two tractors in 2016, Lane was crowned champion aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, and placed second aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor.  Points are awarded at each LSGTPA event, with champions crowned at the conclusion of the pulling season.  Many classes, including the 2016 and 2017 Youth Class titles, will be undecided until the conclusion of the very last event, making the series very exciting for fans.

The next LSGTPA tractor pull will be held in conjunction with the Farmersville Old Time Saturday celebration, scheduled for October 7th, at the Rike Street Park Pulling Track.  Opening ceremonies for the pull are scheduled for 12 noon, and will feature the National Anthem presentation by Texas performing artist Sydnee Hawkins.  Fans are welcome to view the tractors up close and visit with the drivers in the pit area, and admission is free.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Duncan Team Scores At Blue Ridge

Lane Duncan rolled into Blue Ridge, Texas as the Lone Ranger, during the LSGTPA Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.  Two of the Duncan Motorsports team members were under-the-weather, leaving Lane Duncan the chore of crewing and driving during the event.  Lane would be tasked with most of the maintenance chores during the event, but proved to be up to the challenge.

Lane would draw for pulling order as is procedure during the LSGTPA events, and selected positions in the middle of the pack.  Piloting both his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, and his 'Twisted Kitty' machine, Lane would pull double duty in the LSGTPA Youth Class. 

In the opening round, Lane would test the sticky black land track aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor first.  A great first hook would have 'T-Rex' just four feet behind the leader, when Lane boarded his 'Twisted Kitty' machine, and took over the lead in the first round. 

Increasing moisture setup on the track in the second round, as the sun went down on a cooling Blue Ridge evening, would increase the available traction for the pullers.  Lane decided to make a gearing adjustment, to try to stay ahead of the changing track conditions.  The move worked very well, as the 'Twisted Kitty' would again lay down a round leading pull, and the 'T-Rex' was able to hold onto a third place podium finish, with the next best pull in the round. 

Lane will tighten the bolts and top off the tanks to prepare for the next LSGTPA event, scheduled for October 7th.  A feature event of the Farmersville Old Time Saturday celebration, the pull is scheduled for a 12 noon start at Rike Street Park in Farmersville.