Wednesday, September 25, 2013

'Texas T-Rex' Team Prepares for Alvarado

After posting a fourth place finish in the Old Town Festival Pull in Bartlett, Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' team are preparing for the next event in Alvarado, Tx.  The Johnson County Antique Tractor Club pull and show, will feature the LSGTPA pulling teams at 3pm, with opening ceremonies to include the National Anthem presentation by Jade Flores.  The event will be held at the Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion Park, at 111 Reunion Drive in Alvarado (76009).

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor at Bartlett, Texas.

Lane Duncan aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor at the Bartlett Old Town Festival Pull.

Unloaded with a fourth place finish from Bartlett, and prepped for the Alvarado pull.

Jade Flores will present the National Anthem during opening ceremonies at the LSGTPA event in Alvarado, Texas.


The Alvarado event was a rainout, but we still managed to have a great time.  The area really needed the rain, so no complaints !  We were excited to meet Ms. Jade Flores, and enjoyed the time to relax and visit our pulling friends !
Jade Flores visits Lane Duncan at the LSGTPA event in Alvarado.

Much needed rain hit the Alvarado track, forcing the Texas T-Rex camp to hold down the tent.

Holding down the fort in Alvarado, during a much needed rain shower.

Water on the track at Alvarado.

Jade Flores and Lane Duncan, visit at the LSGTPA event in Alvarado.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull

The LSGTPA summer schedule features the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull in Blue Ridge, Texas.  The annual event is dedicated to the memory of LSGTPA member Billy Halter.  The event itself is one of our favorite pulls, but the tricky blackland prairie track has not provided for our best performances.  This year, the blackland track once again, limited the 'Texas T-Rex' to a fifth place finish.  Considering the competition, and how close the finishes were, the 'T-Rex' Team performed pretty well, just not as well as we had hoped.

 The first pull, Lane looked to be on a pretty good pass, when the front end got up a little high and the wheelie bars dug in at mid track.  Once the tires began to spin, the 'T-Rex' dug a hole pretty quick.  We moved some weight around to try and keep the front end down for the second pull, which it did.  But, the track crew had watered the track just before the second round, and we just happened to find a slick spot.  As many know, blackland can get very slick when wet, and the 'Texas T-Rex' lost traction downtrack and slipped to a halt.

We had a great time in Blue Ridge, and Lane was able to visit with several friends he had missed.  The Youth Class drivers handed out souvenir decals to the spectators, and had a good time.  We'll clean off the blackland and get ready for the next pull, and will look forward to returning to Blue Ridge in 2014 !

We would like to thank those who make this event possible, and congratulate Bailey Melvin on another outstanding National Anthem performance !  We would like to recognize the friends of the Enloe Museum, who provided the awards for the Youth Class.  Thank you to all of those who help get our team to the track, and to all of the fans who come out to see our show !

We will be preparing for the next LSGTPA events:

Bartlett, Texas      Sep 21    Old Town Festival
Alvarado, Texas   Sep 28    Johnson County Antique Tractor Club Show
Farmersville, Tx    Oct 5      Old Time Saturday
Rockdale, Tx        Oct 19    Rockdale Fair and Rodeo

Bailey Melvin performs the National Anthem at the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

Bailey Melvin performs the National Anthem at the LSGTPA event in Blue Ridge, Texas.

Lane Duncan heads to the track aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', in Blue Ridge, Texas.

'Texas T-Rex' pit between rounds, at the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

Bailey Melvin visits with Lane Duncan, at the Blue Ridge tractor pull.

Lane Duncan aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', and the Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull.

'Texas T-Rex' pit action, at Blue Ridge, Texas.

Lane Duncan visits with fans at the Bill Halter Memorial tractor pull in Blue Ridge.

Lane Duncan passes out souvenirs to the fans at Blue Ridge.

Lane and the Youth Class drivers, pass out souvenirs to spectators in Blue Ridge.

Unloading from Blue Ridge, with a fifth place trophy.

Unloading from the Bill Halter Memorial Pull with a fifth place trophy.