Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Texas T-Rex Scores Second Full Pull

Lane Duncan took his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor out of the back gate during the LSGTPA event at Woody Blanton Memorial Arena!  For the second week in a row, Lane piloted his tractor to a Full Pull during the Grayson County Fair Tractor Pull at Loy Lake Park!  Lane was able to hold on for a fourth place finish, after a less than perfect second pulling attempt.  'We hit a slick spot', reported Lane after the pull.  The loose sandy surface proved to be somewhat of a challenge for the Duncan team, as well as for some of the other pullers.

Lane Duncan takes the 'Texas T-Rex' to a Full Pull during the Grayson County Fair pull.

The team will now prepare for the final event of the LSGTPA 2012 pulling season, to be held in Rockdale, Texas on Saturday Oct. 20.  This event will be held on the Texas Horse Racing Hall of Fame listed, historic race track on the Milam County Fairgrounds.

Lane Duncan pulls to a fourth place finish, at Loy Lake Park in Denison.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Old Time Saturday morning began on a chilly note in Farmersville, Texas for the LSGTPA pullers and fans.  Temperatures dipped into the 40's as the first fall cold front swept through the area.  Lane Duncan unloaded his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor, wearing coat, hoodie, and gloves.  The Duncan Motorsports team was hoping for a good showing in Farmersville, to maintain a top five position as the LSGTPA championship points season comes to a close with a three event in three weeks marathon.
Soon after the 'T-Rex' was unloaded, Lane's special guest arrived and warmed up the morning !  Nashville recording artist Ashliegh Lisset, was invited to perform the National Anthem for the event, and had graciously accepted the invitation.   The talented young lady from Texas, had just returned from Nashville, and had just released her debut album 'Misunderstood'.  Ashliegh showed up, on a chilly morning and after suffering from a cold previously in the week, in order to present our National Anthem and support Lane !  Ashliegh presented Lane with a 'goody bag' of CD's, her popular 'Misunderstood' wristbands, and poster !

Just as icing on the cake, or further incentive, Ashliegh performed the National Anthem in an awesome presentation, during opening ceremonies, sporting a #83 jersey that she had made in support of Lane !!!  Awesome !  Lane later presented Ashliegh with an honorary pulling trophy, made for the event winners, in appreciation of her performance !

Then it was time to get down to business. After Ms. Lisset's stirring rendition of the National Anthem, the crowd was excited and the pullers were energized !  Lane was the second hook, and once he dumped the clutch, he never looked back, as he piloted the 'Texas T-Rex' straight down the middle of the track to his first FULL PULL !!!!!  Lane was able to hold on and finish in the runner-up spot at the event, and moved into the second place in the points standings !

Ashliegh Lisset stops by to support Lane Duncan and Team T-Rex

Ashliegh Lisset tries out the 'Texas T-Rex' 

Lane Duncan headed to the scales aboard his 'Texas T-Rex', in Farmersville.

Ashliegh Lissets performs in Farmersville, during Old Time Saturday .

Ashliegh Lisset presents the National Anthem at the LSGTPA  Tractor Pull.

Ashliegh Lisset sporting a #83 jersey !!  Awesome !

Ashliegh Lisset and Lane Duncan

Lane Duncan presents Ashliegh Lisset with an honorary pulling trophy at the LSGTPA event.

Lane Duncan pilots the 'Texas T-Rex' to his first Full Pull in Farmersville, Texas

Lane Duncan at work aboard the 'Texas T-Rex' during the Old Time Saturday Tractor  Pull in Farmersville.

Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' back at the shop, to prepare for the next weekend !

The next LSGTPA pull will be at the Grayson County Fair - this Friday night !  The event will be at the Loy Lake Park complex in Denison, starts at 7pm, and will open with our National Anthem presentation by Bailey Melvin.  Come out and enjoy the fair festivities and be sure to stop by and say hello !  See ya'll there !

For map, directions and details, visit the www.LSGTPA.com website.