Sunday, October 30, 2011

Duncan Scores Top Three Finish in LSGTPA

With the 2011 LSGTPA tractor pulling season in the books, the points champions will soon be crowned.  Lane Duncan was able to put together a great start to the season and score a mid season win to lead the points for a time, and managed to hold onto a third place finish in the LSGTPA points.  Congratulations are in order for the Bonham Service Center team tractor, piloted by Kody Langham, in their 2011 Youth Class Championship run.  Langham was able to hold off the 2010 Champion, Aidan Hovind, by one point to top the class.  Lane Duncan pulled the 'Texas T-Rex' to a close third place, in the final standings. 

The final points standings came down to the next to last event, where the top three tractors battled to secure their positions in an exciting event held in Farmersville, Texas.  For full event results and season points standings in all of the LSGTPA classes, visit the LSGTPA web site at

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Preparations are underway in the Texas T-rex camp, to ready the tractor for the upcoming Old Time Saturday in Farmersville, Texas.  The LSGTPA pulling team is coming off of two pulls, in which the results were less than had been hoped for.  The driver has performed flawlessly, but tuning calls on tricky tracks and some untimely parts breakage have hindered the team in the last couple of outings.  We hope the Old Time Saturday celebration can lead to a 'good time celebration' for the T-Rex Team and friends !! 

Regardless of the results, you can bet that the Old Time Saturday will be a lot of fun !! For more information on the event, go to the link:

See ya in Farmersville !!
Let's check out the LSGTPA blog, over at:

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


As the record breaking heat wave begins to close out the 2011 summer, Lane Duncan is preparing to close out his 2011 tractor pulling season with record breaking performances.   It might not seem difficult to set career records in your second season of competition, but when the competitors are those in the LSGTPA Youth Class, just keeping up is a monumental task.  Lane has managed to record his first win in 2011, held the points lead for a mid season stretch, and now is in position to record a top three finish to improve on his fourth place finish in 2010. 

The next LSGTPA pull for Lane and the T-Rex will be in Farmersville, Texas.  The pulling event will be held in conjunction with the Old Time Saturday celebration on October 1st. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Texas T-Rex prepping for Heritage Day in Bonham, Texas

Lane and the Texas T-Rex are preparing for the Heritage Day festival in Bonham, Texas.  After the Hunt County Fair pull in Greenville, Texas, a few changes were made to the tractor that may affect the weight balance.

 Additional shielding has been installed, for driver protection, in the event of any engine or drivetrain component failure.  The weight of the shielding will need to be compensated for elsewhere on the tractor.  So, a little test session is planned for Saturday morning on July 23rd.  If all goes as planned, we will stop by at the Red River Valley Antique Tractor Club pull at the Love Civic Center, in Paris. 

The Red River Valley Antique Tractor Club will be having an event at the Love Civic Center, starting at 8am.  We were invited to perform an exhibition for the club, with plans to combine an LSGTPA event in the future with this, we will have an opportunity to test while we put on a show for the club members and spectators.  After a test pass in Paris, we will then make any changes we feel are needed, and head to the Bonham event.
We are excited about the opportunity to pull at the Paris event, and hope that our appearance can lead to the addition of an LSGTPA show in Paris. If you're an early riser, venture out to the Love Civic Center in Paris, Texas to see Lane and his Texas T-Rex pull.  The antique tractors will put on an awesome show throughout the morning !

July 23rd--- Paris, Texas (Sat) at the Love Civic Center (Pull only)

Weigh in 7:00 A.M.
8:00 A.M.-5 P.M.
Red River Valley Antique Tractor Show
Contact: 903.395.3138 or 903.785.1365

Once the antique tractors wet your appetite for pulling action, head on over to Bonham with us, for the Heritage Day Festival Tractor Pull at the park !!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


The Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas is home to the only two day event on the LSGTPA tractor pulling schedule, and Lane has the Texas T-Rex ready to roll into town and take advantage of double shots at a trophy.  Lane made his pulling debut at the fairgrounds rodeo arena in 2010, so this will be the first time we are returning to a familiar track, and we will consider it our home track at least for this weekend !

The pulling action is scheduled to begin at 6pm on Friday and Saturday nights, June 10 and 11, to open the fair activities.


Turns out, the Hunt County Fair pull was the perfect place to celebrate Lane's first win !!!!

Lane took home the first place trophy after Friday night's pull.  After an awesome opening performance of the National Anthem by Haley Harrelson, Lane and the 'Texas T-Rex' displayed their own awesome performance to take the crown.

Lane followed up Friday nights victory with a third place finish on the Saturday night pull, for what turned out to be a great weekend of pulling action. 

Congratulations Lane, on a job well done !!!  We would like to thank all of the sponsors of the Hunt County Fair pull, including Crawford-Smith, Inc,  the Enloe Museum, and Bonham Service Center.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Texas T-Rex Going Pro !

Duncan Motorsports is proud to announce that the Texas T-Rex, driven by Lane Duncan, is Going Pro in 2011...GoPro that is !!!  That's right, the Texas T-Rex has been fitted with latest and greatest video equipment to ever be mounted on a motorsports vehicle, the GoPro video camera system.  The video footage shot from the 2010 season, was pretty best, from the onboard system on the Texas T-Rex.  But for 2011, the video footage should put our fans in the drivers seat with Lane !!  These extremely high-tech cameras offer views limited only by the imagination of the videographers.  Stay tuned to this site, or sign on to YouTube's  'TeamTxTrex'   channel for what should be some great video footage this year.  The TeamTxTrex YouTube channel will feature footage from the Texas T-Rex, as well as other tractors pulling with the LSGTPA group, and even from the sled !!!  We're excited to put GoPro on board the Texas T-Rex tractor, and look forward to providing viewers with many pulls down the track in 2011.

Check out some of the footage, from our first event in Groesbeck, below.

Stay tuned for more !!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

2011 Season Kickoff

The LSGTPA pullers started the 2011 season with a Test'n Tune session at the Kuecklehan Rodeo complex in Bonham, Texas.  Lane had the Texas T-Rex out for a couple of pulls with the newly widened wheels and fresh tires.  We also took the opportunity to try two different gear ratios, which we had not had the chance to test with in 2010.  We found a setup that I believe will help.  We have a couple of changes to make before we head off down to Groesbeck in May, but the test session seemed to be a worthwhile effort....and, of course, the driver did perfect !!

938# on the scale for the 950# for a couple of cheeseburgers!

1st pull of the 2011 season !

*************** SPY PHOTO ***************

Some exciting news has developed in the Texas T-Rex camp !!!  Lane has taken delivery of a new 'bullet' for the T-Rex....This should improve the program in the horsepower department, and may allow for some testing with the recently acquired second tractor.  STAY TUNED....

Lane and the 'top secret' bullet under cover !

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

2011 Season Begins

The 2010 season is in the history books and the 2011 pulling season us upon us.  The T-Rex is currently undergoing a few changes, so, is in several pieces.  We hope to test a few different combinations before the season actually begins, regarding our weight balance.  Lane and I also have been working widening the rear wheels and will debut a new tire combination for 2011, if all goes well.  A couple of 'Top Secret' mods are in the works as well, but we won't divulge the specifics !

testing at 'PawPaws' test facility in Gadston, Tx

Our 2011 pulling schedule looks like this, so far:

March 19      Testing at Kueckelhan Rodeo Arena                 Bonham, Tx
May 21         Limestone County Fairgrounds                         Groesbeck, Tx
June 10         Hunt County Fair                                              Greenville, Tx
June 11         Hunt County Fair                                              Greenville, Tx
July 23          Heritage Day Festival                                        Bonham, Tx
August 13     Bill Halter Memorial Pull                                    Blue Ridge, Tx
October 1     Old Time Saturday                                            Farmersville, Tx

For more information on the schedule, and directions to the events, see the LSGTPA website at

Try to get out and see us at an event, and be sure to stop by and say hello !