Tuesday, June 21, 2016

BATTLE at BONHAM - LSGTPA Tractor Pull Set for July 16

The Duncan Motorsports Team is planning to return to Powder Creek Park in Bonham, Texas on July 16, to field both the 'Texas T-Rex' and the 'Twisted Kitty', in the BATTLE AT BONHAM event !

 This encore performance of LSGTPA tractor pulling action is set for a 5pm start on Saturday night, July 16th.  Come check out the exciting LSGTPA tractor pulling action, and be sure to stop by and wish Lane Duncan luck, as he wheels his machines in the Youth Class competition !

Battle At Bonham is scheduled for July 16 at 5pm
Performing artist Bailey Melvin, will present the National Anthem at 5pm, during opening ceremonies of the LSGTPA Battle At Bonham event at Powder Creek Park in Bonham.

Lane Duncan will wheel his 'Texas T-Rex' in LSGTPA Youth Class competition.

Lane Duncan will pilot his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, in LSGTPA Youth Class during Battle At Bonham.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor, have found some consistency in the last few LSGTPA pulling events.  Some of the performance has been attributed to the 23 degree Firestone tires, and finding the appropriate air pressure for varying track conditions.

A set of Hi Run 45 degree tires, have been used on some of the harder tracks, with good results.  These tires seem to perform well on tracks with a hard and sticky surface, but do not seem to favor the loose or sandy track conditions.
Lane Duncan attributes some consistency to Firestone pulling tires on his 'Texas T-Rex'.

Lane's newest entry, his 'Twisted Kitty' Suburban tractor, has debuted using the Hi Run 45 degree tires, with good results.  The team has now acquired a set of the Firestone 23 degree tires, for which to test on the 'Twisted Kitty', when track conditions might seem to favor the steeper cut lug.
Lane Duncan will be testing different lug angles, on the pulling tires of  his 'Twisted Kitty' LSGTPA pulling tractor.

Pulling teams constantly fine tune their machines pulling tires, using grinding wheels to sharpen and shape the lugs and tire surfaces.   Tire pressures are adjusted according to track conditions, and weight is moved to try and balance the loads on the tires, to match the track surface.

When attending an LSGTPA tractor pull, check out the differing tire setups the teams use !