Thursday, May 5, 2011

Texas T-Rex Going Pro !

Duncan Motorsports is proud to announce that the Texas T-Rex, driven by Lane Duncan, is Going Pro in 2011...GoPro that is !!!  That's right, the Texas T-Rex has been fitted with latest and greatest video equipment to ever be mounted on a motorsports vehicle, the GoPro video camera system.  The video footage shot from the 2010 season, was pretty best, from the onboard system on the Texas T-Rex.  But for 2011, the video footage should put our fans in the drivers seat with Lane !!  These extremely high-tech cameras offer views limited only by the imagination of the videographers.  Stay tuned to this site, or sign on to YouTube's  'TeamTxTrex'   channel for what should be some great video footage this year.  The TeamTxTrex YouTube channel will feature footage from the Texas T-Rex, as well as other tractors pulling with the LSGTPA group, and even from the sled !!!  We're excited to put GoPro on board the Texas T-Rex tractor, and look forward to providing viewers with many pulls down the track in 2011.

Check out some of the footage, from our first event in Groesbeck, below.

Stay tuned for more !!!