Friday, April 22, 2016


Several inches of rain, just days before the opening weekend of the Hunt County Fair, has caused officials to postpone the LSGTPA tractor pull for the April 22, 23 nights.  The event has been rescheduled for April 29th and 30th.   Start time remains 6pm, on both Friday and Saturday nights.

National Anthem performers Victoria Leigh and Averi McFadden, have both rescheduled their appearances, and plan to lead the opening ceremonies for each night.

The Antique Tractor Pull has also been rescheduled, for a noon start on Saturday April 30.  Mark your calendars and plan accordingly !

LSGTPA tractor pulling action returns to Hunt County Fair on April 29, 30.
Hunt County Fair tractor pulling action has been rescheduled due to rain, for April 29, 30.

Victoria Leigh will perform our National Anthem during LSGTPA opening ceremonies at Hunt County Fair, April 29
Averi McFadden will perform our National Anthem during LSGTPA opening ceremonies at Hunt County Fair, April 30.

Lane Duncan and his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, will be among the LSGTPA Youth Class competitors at Hunt County Fair.
Lane Duncan will pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' Youth Class tractor, during LSGTPA competition at Hunt County Fair.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Duncan Debuts With Win At Delta County Fair

Lane Duncan pulled double duty at the Delta County Fair in Cooper, Texas, piloting two tractors in the LSGTPA Youth Class competition.  Duncan made his LSGTPA competition debut aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, with a Full Pull on the initial pass for the machine.  He would hold onto first place, and put the tractor on top of the field for the win, at the first event of the LSGTPA 2016 season.  Duncan would also pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor at the event, scoring a fourth place finish after two early shutoff passes, to avoid going out of bounds.

Lane Duncan launches his 'Twisted Kitty' LSGTPA Youth Class tractor, downtrack enroute to a win at the Delta County Fair in Cooper, Texas.

The slightly longer wheel base on the 'Twisted Kitty' entry, seemed to like the very sticky, Rocky Young Construction prepared track at the Delta County Fair.  Plenty of traction, seemed to favor the 'Twisted Kitty', as the tractor was built with a lower center of gravity.  The 'Texas T-Rex' is a little shorter wheel base, and the weight sits a little higher, which causes some handling issues on certain tracks.  The team plans to lower some of the weight on the 'T-Rex', to keep the front end down on the tracks with more traction.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor to a top five finish, at the Delta County Fair LSGTPA tractor pull.

We were honored to have Shawna Spangler stop by and perform our National Anthem for event !  So excited to have Shawna as part of the show, and she did an amazing job of singing ! 

Shawna Spangler performs the National Anthem during the Delta County Fair LSGTPA event in Cooper, Texas.

Lane Duncan presented Shawna Spangler with an honorary trophy, for her outstanding National Anthem performance.  The trophies were provided on behalf of the Enloe Museum, and were constructed by the Enloe Museum staff for the Youth Class competitors. 

Lane Duncan presents Shawna Spangler with an honorary trophy, on behalf of the LSGTPA Youth Class, for her National Anthem performance at the Delta County Fair tractor pull.

We were also honored to have Steve Mack, with Racers For Christ, stop by to visit and present our opening prayer for the event.  Racers For Christ is a national organization that supports motorsports, and is entering the second year with association with our Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association.  So proud to have that organization as part of the events in 2016 !

Steve Mack with Racers For Christ was on hand for the Opening Prayer Presentation, and support for the LSGTPA pullers at the Delta County Fair event in Cooper, Texas.

We loaded both tractors with nothing broken !  So, we will be performing routing maintenance on both, to prepare for the Hunt County Fair double header, on April 22, 23.  Events are scheduled for a 6pm start time, on Friday and Saturday nights in Greenville, Texas.

Mark your calendars for the double header at Greenville, during the Hunt County Fair !!

Friday night, April 22nd, will feature our opening ceremonies National Anthem performance by Victoria Leigh !
Texas performing and recording artist Victoria Leigh, will perform National Anthem during LSGTPA event at Hunt County Fair.
Saturday night, April 23rd, will feature our opening ceremonies National Anthem performance by Averi McFadden !
Texas rising talent Averi McFadden, will perform National Anthem for the LSGTPA tractor pull, at the Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Duncan Prepares For Double Shot At Delta County Fair Title

Lane Duncan and the Duncan Motorsports Team are preparing for the Delta County Fair Season Opener for the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association 2016 season.  The event is held at the Delta County Pulling Track, located at Harmon Park in Cooper, Texas, on Saturday April 9th.

The team will compete with the 'Texas T-Rex' Youth Class tractor, which will be entering its sixth season in LSGTPA competition.  Also, the team will debut the new 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, also competing in the Youth Class.  Lane Duncan will pilot both machines. 

The event is scheduled for a 2pm start, with opening ceremonies to feature our National Anthem presentation by Shawna Spangler. 

Lane Duncan will return with his 'Texas T-Rex', to compete at the Delta County Fair.

Lane Duncan will debut his 'Twisted Kitty' Youth Class tractor, at the Delta County Fair.