Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Texas T-Rex Scores Full Pull in Alvarado

Lane Duncan launches the 'Texas T-Rex' downtrack in Alvarado.

Jade Flores stops by to wish Lane Duncan luck, after her National Anthem performance.
Lane Duncan piloted his 'Texas T-Rex' Youth Class tractor to a Full Pull in the opening round of LSGTPA Youth Class competition in Alvarado, Texas.  The event was a feature of the Johnson County Antique Tractor Club Show & Pull, and was conducted at the historic Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion Grounds in Alvarado.

Lane Duncan presents Jade Flores, with an honorary trophy after her National Anthem performance.
Jade Flores was a guest of the 'Texas T-Rex' Team, and performed the National Anthem during opening ceremonies.  Her outstanding performance was a warmup act, for her upcoming appearance on the Chevy Main Stage of the Texas State Fair, during the Country Showdown scheduled for October 2nd.  We wish Jade luck, and know she will do well !
Lane catches a quick nap aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' Youth Class tractor.

Lane finished in the runnerup position in Alvarado, within a few feet of the leader.  Recent changes to the 'T-Rex' tractor seem to be working out, and Lane turned in a great performance in driving.  The team has the tractor cleaned up, routine maintenance performed, and ready for the pull in Farmersville on Saturday, October 3rd.  The Farmersville pull is a feature of the Old Time Saturday celebration, and is scheduled for a 12noon start.

Lane rolls to the scales for first round LSGTPA tractor pulling action in Alvarado.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' to a Full Pull during the Johnson County Antique Tractor Show & Pull.

Lane carries the 'Texas T-Rex' out the back door to a Full Pull, during LSGTPA tractor pulling at the Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion Grounds in Alvarado.

Hooked up and ready, Lane Duncan prepares to pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor.

Arlen Foulks with the LSGTPA Youth Class pullers in Alvarado, Texas.

Monday, September 21, 2015

LSGTPA 2015 Season Marathon Finish

The LSGTPA 2015 season begins an end of season marathon, as the teams compete in four, back to back weekend competitions.  The teams will head to Alvarado, Texas for the Johnson County Antique Tractor Club pull at the Pioneers and Old Settlers Reunion Grounds on September 26.  On Saturday, October 3, the teams will compete during the Old Time Saturday event in Farmersville.  Teams will head to Sulphur Springs, Texas on October 10, as a feature of the Help A Child Benefit activities.  To conclude the 2015 season, the teams will finish up at the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo, in Rockdale on October 17.

Lane Duncan and crew stopped down to perform some mid season engine maintenance on the 'Texas T-Rex' machine, hoping to finish strong with a freshened bullet in the tractor for 2016.  The team is testing the second tractor after an engine change, and hopes to be able to make at least one event for testing with the new 'Twisted Kitty' tractor.

Lane Duncan works a late night in the shop, preparing the 'Texas T-Rex' for the LSGTPA 2015 season finale events.

Lane Duncan works to put his new 'Twisty Kitty' on track in 2015 for testing.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Duncan Motorsports Texas T-Rex Shows Consistency

Lane Duncan continues to turn in great driving performances aboard his 'Texas T-Rex', LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractor, as the team searches for ways to improve the performance of the tractor.  For the 2015 season, the tractor has improved in consistency, which allows the team to make small changes in search of ever improving performances.

As the LSGTPA 2015 pulling season begins the last half of scheduled events, the team still hopes to debut the second Youth Class tractor for an event or two.  Problems with the number one engine, has forced the team to install a backup engine in the new tractor, in an effort to put the machine on the track.  The team hopes to continue improving the 'Texas T-Rex', and debut the new 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, to enjoy a fun second half of the 2015 pulling season.

Bill Halter Memorial Tractor in Blue Ridge, Texas scenes: