Monday, May 19, 2014


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Chevy Hometown Kids with host Emily Reppert filmed the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA event, and interviewed Youth Class drivers for an episode of their youth sports show.  The coverage is aired on Fox Sports Southwest. Check out your local listings for show times.  (Saturday 10am, May 17)  (Repeats Monday, May 19 at 4:30 pm CST and Tuesday, May 20 at 4:00pm CST)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Team Texas T-Rex Early Season Recap

The LSGTPA 2014 season is off to a fast and furious start !  Lane Duncan has been a busy young man in April, with four events in four weeks.  The Texas T-Rex tractor has held together and performed pretty well during the early season sprint, but the team is hoping to improve the little tractor as the season progresses.  The team has managed at top five finish at each of the events so far, but has yet to score a win.

At the Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull, the team was excited to be among those interviewed for the Chevy Hometown Kids television series.  Host and star, Emily Reppert, and the Fox Sports Southwest film crew, were on hand to record and provide coverage of the event for an upcoming episode of their show.  The show highlights youth sports and is very entertaining.  We were excited to be a part of such a great production !
Lane Duncan talks tractor pulling with Emily Reppert of Chevy Hometown Kids.

Emily Reppert and Lane Duncan talking tractor pulling, at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA event.

Emily Reppert and Lane Duncan discuss tractors, at the Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull in Greenville.

Emily Reppert, star and host of Chevy Hometown Kids, interviews Lane Duncan, driver of the Texas T-Rex pulling tractor.

LSGTPA Youth Class drivers present Emily Reppert with an honorary trophy in Greenville.

Bailey Melvin receives and honorary trophy, from Lane Duncan, for her National Anthem performance at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA tractor pull in Greenville.

Modifications over the off-season to the 'Texas T-Rex', to the hitch and tire package, have the tractor hooking a lot better than previously.  At the Delta County Pull, the tractor seemed to lug the engine more than before.  Again, in Greenville at the Hunt County Fair event, the tractor seemed to really load the engine and may have benefited from a slightly lower gear.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor across the finish line at the Hunt County Fair tractor pull in Greenville, Texas.

Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractor, record a Full Pull in Greenville Texas, during the Hunt County Fair tractor pull.

At the Bonham Heritage Day event, the track seemed hard and packed well, so we elected to pull in a lower gear.  The Texas T-Rex sounded better, but seemed to need just a little more momentum.  The team has changed the drive pulley and gear ratios, in order to hopefully close in on the right combination for the next pull.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor downtrack at the Powder Creek Park Pulling Track, during the Bonham Heritage Day tractor pull in Bonham, Texas.

T-REX Crossing !  Lane Duncan eases his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor across the T&P railroad tracks at the Powder Creek Park pulling track in Bonham, with the Bonham Depot building in the distance.
Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' on a pull in front of the Bonham Heritage Day crowd, at Powder Creek Park.
Unloading from Bonham, with a top five finish.

Preparing the Texas T-Rex for the next pull !