Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spirit of East Tawakoni LSGTPA Pull

The Spirit of East Tawakoni Tractor Pull proved to be a great start for the LSGTPA tractor pulling 2012 season, but not such a great start for the Duncan Motorsports 'Texas T-Rex' pulling team.  On a picture perfect  Saturday, with great conditions and a very well prepared track, the 'T-Rex' team struggled to move the LSGTPA sled, on the sandy soil.  Driver Lane Duncan, drove perfectly, as usual, but the tractor weight balance was off, with too much weight on the rear and too little weight on the front.  To complicate matters, the clutch setup had been softened, to tame the launch of the 'T-Rex' and help prevent such a violent launch, as the team seemed to have in 2011.  The clutch setup seemed to allow for too much slippage, early in the pull, and then contributed to the early wheel stand.
The DM Team returned to the shop, unloaded, and began working on the weight setup immediately.  The 'T-Rex' now has a weight setup in the middle of the chassis, which will allow for quick adjustments at the track.  Previous weight movements, were from either back or front.  We will also return to the 2011 clutch setup, at least for the next event in Bonham, until further testing can confirm an improvement in that area.

The Duncan Motorsports team is excited about the comfort level that Lane has acquired in driving the tractor, and hopes to improve on the tractor setup.  We currently have a driver, that is compensating for the lack of tuning ability of the crew !!!!  If we can get the horse right, we have a good jockey !!!

Thank you to all of our sponsors and friends that have jumped onboard this tractor pulling adventure, and we hope you have enjoyed the action and challenges as we have !!!!  See ya at the next pull !!