Friday, December 2, 2016

Wylie Student Scores Tractor Pulling Championship Title

Davis Intermediate student Lane Duncan, has been crowned the 2016 Youth Class Champion, by the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association.  Duncan competes in the LSGTPA tractor pulling Youth Class, which includes competitors through 14 years of age. 

The LSGTPA pulling events feature modified garden tractors, which compete on a 200' pulling track.  Events are held throughout the state, and attract competitors from all over the country.  Ten classes of pulling machines compete at each event, and can draw 40 to 50 pulling teams.  Each tractor will attempt to pull an 8500 pound transfer sled, in two rounds of competition, with the winners determined by the distances pulled on the dirt track. 

Lane Duncan piloted two tractors in 2016, scoring a one-two finish to secure the top two spots for his team.  Duncan wheeled his #88  'Twisted Kitty' tractor to the top spot, and finished runner-up aboard his  #83 'Texas T-Rex' machine to secure his 2016 Championship title.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Lane Duncan was crowned the LSGTPA Youth Class Champion for 2016 at the recent LSGTPA awards program.  Lane's title comes as a result of his performance aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' Suburban 12 pulling tractor, and his runnerup title performance aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' Super Suburban machine.

Sarah Crowe presents Lane Duncan with his 2016 LSGTPA Championship award.

Lane Duncan piloted his 'Twisted Kitty' and 'Texas T-Rex' tractors to a one-two finish for 2016.

Lane Duncan was honored with the LSGTPA Youth Class Championship for 2016.

Lane Duncan crowned LSGTPA Youth Class National Champion 2016.

Lane Duncan wheeled his LSGTPA tractors to a one-two finish, and a 2016 Championship title for the Duncan Motorsports pulling team !

Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports pulling team, will be crowned as the 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class Champion !  Lane campaigned two tractors in the LSGTPA Youth Class for 2016, and piloted them to a one-two finish for the top two spots in the class.
Lane Duncan crowned LSGTPA 2016 Youth Class Champion.

Lane would start the season off with a win at the Delta County Fair & Livestock Show in Cooper, Texas.  He wheeled his brand new 'Twisted Kitty' tractor to the victory at the first event, recording a Full Pull on the very first pass downtrack in competition.  Lane would then score a victory aboard his'Texas T-Rex' tractor, at the Bonham Heritage Day event at Powder Creek Park in Bonham.

Lane Duncan launches to victory at Delta County Fair, on his way to the 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class Championship.

In a strong mid-season performance, Lane and team would score a win aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' on a Friday night show in Lindsay, Texas.  The team would followup with a win at the double header event, aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor on Saturday night and would score the runnerup aboard 'T-Rex', to secure a one-two finish on the weekend.

A fifth win for the team at the Bill Halter Memorial Pull in Blue Ridge, Texas, would maintain the first and second place standings through the summer.  A top five finish with both tractors at the Farmersville Old Time Saturday event, would find the team in first and second place for the championship, heading into the last pull of the season.

A clutch performance on a very tricky track at the Help-A-Child event at Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, would see Lane pilot his 'Twisted Kitty' and 'Texas T-Rex' duo to a top three finish.  Scoring a runnerup aboard his 'Twisted Kitty', and a third place podium finish aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', would cap a championship season for Lane and crew.  The final tally of championship points, would see the 'Twisted Kitty' 1969 Sears Suburban 12 tractor taking the top spot.  The 1972 Sears Super Suburban 'Texas T-Rex', which once served the Enloe, Texas area with Larry King at the wheel, would finish the season in the second place position, anchoring a one-two finish for the team.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' to the runnerup spot, to finish one-two in the 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class.

Lane Duncan would like to thank all of the crew and team that work behind the scenes, to allow the team to prepare and travel to the LSGTPA events.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Help-A-Child Benefit - LSGTPA 2016 Season Finale At Hopkins County Regional Civic Center

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports team tractors rolled into Sulphur Springs, Texas for the LSGTPA 2016 Season Finale on Saturday, October 8th.  The event was contested at the Hopkins County Regional Civic Center, and held as a feature event of the Help-A-Child benefit.  Rocky Young Construction transformed the arena floor into a pulling track surface, for both the Lake Country Antique Tractor Association, and the Lone Star Garden Tractor Pullers Association.  Opening ceremonies included an awesome National Anthem performance by performing artist Sadie Evans.

Lane would enter the event with the 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class points lead, in a very close battle for the 2016 LSGTPA Championship.  Lane would need a top three finish to secure the win, and would turn in a clutch performance under the lights on Saturday night.  Lane would wheel his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor to a runnerup finish, followed by a third place finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor !

Lane and his team would like to thank everyone involved in the 2016 LSGTPA pulling season, and all those who assist the Duncan Motorsports team in being able to compete.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

LSGTPA 2016 Season Finale HELP-A-CHILD Benefit Pull in Sulphur Springs

The final LSGTPA tractor pulling show will be on October 8th, at the Hopkins County Civic Center, as a feature of the Help-A-Child benefit event.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend this great event !

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

LSGTPA Teams Prepare for Old Time Saturday in Farmersville

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports Team, along with other LSGTPA pulling teams from across the state, will prepare for the Old Time Saturday LSGTPA tractor pull in Farmersville, Texas.  The event is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st, and will feature two rounds of LSGTPA tractor pulling action on a 200 foot track.

The action is set to take place at 12 noon, at the Rike Street Park Pulling Track, at 100 S. Rike Street, Farmersville, Tx 75442

Opening ceremonies will feature our National Anthem presentation, by Texas performing artist Victoria Leigh !

Duncan Team Manages Top Five Finish In Bartlett

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports LSGTPA pulling team rolled into Bartlett, Texas for competition during the Old Town Festival event.  High temperatures and humidity welcomed the team, along with a tricky track surface which featured both dry patches on top and wet areas underneath.  Lane managed a top five finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, but a sub-par pull in the first round limited the 'Twisted Kitty' to a seventh place finish.

The team will regroup, and perform some maintenance on both machines, in preparation for the Old Time Saturday event in Farmersville, Texas on October 1st.  Always a fun time in Farmersville, with many activities going on throughout the day !  Mark your calendars !

Lane Duncan pulls to a top five finish at the Old Town Festival event in Bartlett, Texas.

Lane Duncan steers his 'Twisted Kitty' downtrack in Bartlett, Texas, during the LSGTPA event.

LSGTPA Youth Class drivers find shade in Bartlett, during the Old Town Festival tractor pull.

Old Time Saturday in Farmersville will feature LSGTPA tractor pulling at 12 noon !

Texas performing talent Victoria Leigh, will perform the National Anthem during LSGTPA opening ceremonies in Farmersville.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Duncan Team Prepares For Bartlett Old Town Festival

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports Team will be preparing for the next LSGTPA event, to be held in Bartlett, Texas on Saturday, September 17th.  The event is to be held in conjunction with the Bartlett Old Town Festival, and will feature two rounds of LSGTPA tractor pulling action, starting at 12 noon.  The event will be contested at the pulling track, located next to the Dollar General in down town Bartlett.  Mark your calendars and plan to attend the LSGTPA pull, as well as the other activities planned during the festival !!

Following the Bartlett Old Town Festival, the team will prepare for the Farmersville Old Time Saturday event, scheduled for October 1st.  The event is scheduled for a 12 noon start, with opening ceremonies to include the National Anthem performance by Victoria Leigh !  Make sure to plan to attend this fun event, in historic downtown Farmersville !

Texas performing and recording artist, Victoria Leigh, will perform the National Anthem for the LSGTPA Old Time Saturday tractor pull at 12 noon.

The Help-A-Child Benefit Pull in Sulphur Springs will close out the 2016 LSGTPA season on October 8th, at the Hopkins County Civic Center !

Visit the website for additional event information and details.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Duncan Pulls Out Win At Bill Halter Memorial Tractor Pull

LSGTPA teams rolled into Blue Ridge, Texas for two rounds of tractor pulling action.  Area rains had the blackland track damp underneath the hard top surface, which provided areas of great traction and a few slick spots.  Lane Duncan and his team unloaded two tractors for Youth Class competition, with the 'Texas T-Rex' pulling in the number three spot, followed by the 'Twisted Kitty' in the number five spot.

First round aboard the 'Texas T-Rex' seemed to find the team in the middle of the pack, lugging the motor just a little until the loose dirt on top allowed the wheels to spin.  Lane opened with a great pull aboard 'Twisted Kitty', to pace the field.  In the second round, the team elected to choose a lower gear, to allow the engine to pull easier on the sticky track, but the tractor pulled a little too far to the right side of the track, and found a slick spot which ended the run.  Lane took the 'Twisted Kitty' straight down the middle on a decent pull, to secure the top spot for the night.

The night ended with a First Place finish for the 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, and a Sixth Place scoring for the 'Texas T-Rex'.  Both tractors loaded up under their own power, which is always a win !!

Our next event will be at the Old Town Festival in Bartlett, Texas, on September 17th !

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


BILL HALTER MEMORIAL TRACTOR PULL is rescheduled for Saturday, August 27th at 6pm !

Due to rain on the original August 20 event date, the Bill Halter Memorial Pull in Blue Ridge will be contested on Saturday, August 27 at 6pm !!!

Mark your calendars, and plan to come out for a great evening of LSGTPA tractor pulling !

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports pulling team rolled into Lindsay, Texas for the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull, on a hot Texas weekend for some LSGTPA tractor pulling.  Lane and the Duncan team would unload two tractors, to compete in the LSGTPA Youth Class.  Lane would wheel his familiar 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, as well as making his Lindsay debut aboard his new 'Twisted Kitty' machine.

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor to a Full Pull and a win, during the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull.
The Enloe Museum staff, of Enloe, Texas, sponsored the Friday night event for the LSGTPA Youth Class.  The Butterfield Overland Stage Classic event would showcase the LSGTPA, and the Youth Class competitors, in front of a great crowd of pulling fans at the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull arena.
Lane would draw the 'Ace' card, which place him pulling first in the field, aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, and would draw the 'Eight' card for his 'Twisted Kitty'  placing him as pulling last in the class.  The 'Aces & Eights' cards, would have Lane book ending the class, pulling first and last aboard the Duncan Motorsports Team machines.  Lane would pilot his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor to the win on Friday night, topping a very tough field of Youth Class competitors.  Lane would also place his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, in the fourth place position, after a great night of pulling.

Lane Duncan prepares to wheel his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, during LSGTPA Youth Class competition at Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull.
Saturday night action saw the LSGTPA Youth Class open the show for the M K & T Railroad Shootout, with Lane Duncan again drawing the 'Ace' card to start the show, this time aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor.  After a tire swap for the 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, Lane would open with a Full Pull on the 200 foot track, and never looked back, taking the win in the class aboard 'Twisted Kitty'.  Lane would pull in the fifth spot, in the middle of the field, aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, and would open the round with another Full Pull and finish in the Runner Up position aboard the crowd pleasing 'Texas T-Rex' tractor.  Lane would finish one and two on the night, placing his 'Twisted Kitty' tractor on top, with the 'Texas T-Rex' just five inches behind for the runnerup spot !  The LSGTPA Youth Class was incredibly tough, with tight finishes resulting in an 18 inch spread between the top five positions !  Just incredible !

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports team were fortunate to take the win on both Friday and Saturday nights, competing in an incredibly tough and close LSGTPA Youth Class field of competitors.  All of the drivers and teams in the LSGTPA Youth Class, provided the packed house of fans at the Lindsay arena, a great show for the weekend event.

Lane Duncan salutes a few fans, during the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull.
The Duncan Motorsports team will unload and perform routine maintenance on the 'Texas T-Rex' and 'Twisted Kitty', to prepare for the next LSGTPA event to be held in Blue Ridge, Texas.  The team will compete at the Bill Halter Memorial Pull in Blue Ridge, on Saturday night, August 20.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Lane Duncan and his tandem team of LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractors will prepare to compete in the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull on Friday and Saturday, July 22 and 23.  The LSGTPA and TTTPA teams will kick off the pulling action at 6:30 pm on both evenings.  The Lindsay Pulling Track facility, provides for dual tracks for the two sanctioning bodies, allowing for dual pulling action throughout the night. Fans will be treated to twice the pulling action for the same ticket !

Make your plans to attend the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull, for a great night of pulling action !

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Duncan Team Battles At Bonham

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports Team rolled into Bonham, Texas for the Battle At Bonham LSGTPA tractor pull, held at Powder Creek Park.  The team returned to Bonham, having scored a win on the track during their previous visit.

With July temperatures hovering around the century mark, the track temperature was over 115 degrees, but moisture underneath the surface, provided for tricky pulling conditions.  Lane and crew unloaded both the 'Texas T-Rex' and the 'Twisted Kitty' tractors, rolling on Firestone tires for the event.  With the tricky and inconsistent surface of the 200' track, data on the new tires for the 'Twisted Kitty' would end up inconclusive.

Lane would pilot the 'Texas T-Rex' to a 155' pull in the opening round, good for a third place position.  The 'Twisted Kitty' dug in at the 111' mark in the first round.  Round two, both tractors improved, with the 'Texas T-Rex' pulling down the middle and posting a 156' pull.  Lane piloted the 'Twisted Kitty' downtrack on a better line in the second round, posting at 165' pull.    On the day, Lane would place his 'Texas T-Rex' in the runnerup spot, with 'Twisted Kitty' improving to a fourth place finish.

The team had hoped for another win and runnerup, but with challenging track conditions, a little more luck would have been necessary to improve the finish  on this day !  The team will now prepare for the two day pull at the Lindsay Truck & Tractor Pull on July 22 and 23.