Thursday, March 15, 2012

LSGTPA Test Session

The 2012 LSGTPA pulling season is now upon us, and the annual Test -n- Tune event for the pullers is planned for Saturday, March 17, and will be held at the Bonham, Texas pulling track. Details and directions can be found on the LSGTPA website, with the event slated for a 9am start. If you are interested in pulling, this is a great chance to visit with the drivers and check out the tractors. For those with new tractors, this is the best chance to have the tech officials approve the machines for competition in 2012.

For some teams, like the Duncan Motorsports 'Texas T-Rex' entry, driven by Lane Duncan, this is an opportunity to test some different parts and combinations. During competition, teams can be hesitant to try a different gear, clutch setup, or weight change. So, the Test-n-Tune event is the perfect time, to make a pull using that combination that looks so good on paper !

The Duncan Motorsports crew has had to adjust the pedal locations, for both the clutch and throttle positions, after the driver gained a little height and weight over the winter. The team has also changed the clutch setup, in an attempt to widen the tuning window for some of the more challenging tracks. Previously, the clutch setup has had a terribly small window for either slipping or being too aggressive, and we hope that problem has been solved. Also, we would like to secure a baseline on the tractor weight balance. In the past, we have been making wholesale changes in weight balance with the tractor, from track to track. This year, we would like to start out with a better handle on the balance, and make minor changes in weight location as needed.

After pulling two seasons with factory molded tires, the 'Texas T-Rex' will be sporting a fresh 'cut' of rubber on the rear wheels. As most pulling teams are well aware, the rear tire is a huge factor in the success of a puller. The Duncan Motorsports team will be experimenting with the art of 'tire cutting' this season, to try and hopefully find that slightest bit of traction advantage, needed to pull to the front !

The Duncan Motorsports team will be testing spark plugs from NGK and belts from Gates Powertrain on the 'Texas T-Rex' entry, and will be recording video footage via GoPro video camera equipment. We would like to thank all of our sponsors and friends who will be helping make our 2012 pulling season possible, all of whom will be featured throughout the season, here on our home site. Check the LSGTPA pulling schedule for an event near you, and please come out and see us !! LLLLLLLLets get ready to rummmmmble !!!