Thursday, September 6, 2012

Duncan 'MotoSports' Goes Motorless

During the summer break between tractor pulls, our driver dismounted his four wheeled and piston driven engine powered machine, and mounted a two wheeled pedal driven ride.  Lane has enrolled in a 'Track Bike Development Class', which trains competitors in the sport of Velodrome bicycle racing.  Lane will continue to train and practice at the Superdrome in Frisco, Texas for competition in this exciting sport.  The bicycles are direct driven, with no brakes or clutches to allow coasting.  The 250 meter track has 44 degree banking in the turns and is made of wood.  The minimum speed required to successfully navigate the turns is around 12 mph, with some riders reaching speeds of 45 mph.


Lane hopes to soon receive his track bike certification, and will then be able to compete in the youth division races.

Moving back to the dirt surfaces, Lane also has been preparing for competition in the BMX Class Competition.  Lane will be competing in classes divided by age groups, with bicycles required to have 20" wheels and similar gearing.  The team has been testing a series of bikes, at the Allen Station Park BMX track and at the Metroplex BMX track in Desoto.

The two wheeled machines may be a little less powerful that the four wheeled vehicles in the Duncan Motorsports camp, but they are no less fun !  I have been pleasantly reminded of how much fun bike riding can be, with these latest endeavors, and now look forward to wiping the dust off of my old bikes !  I hope to have Lane and I both riding together soon, and we both should certainly enjoy the exercise.  Lane hopes to complete his licensing and registration at the Metroplex BMX facilty in Desoto, and will be competing in the Novice Division of the USA-BMX/ABA.

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