Wednesday, November 28, 2012


With the LSGTPA tractor pulling season coming to a close, the Duncan Motorsports team has switched to racing action of the two wheel kind.  Lane Duncan has hung his fire suit up and donned his padded BMX gear, to mix it up with the Texas Division 1, USA-BMX competitors. Lane will be testing four BMX bike combinations in the next few weeks, and was licensed as #594.  After only a handful of races, Lane has shown great improvement with each event, and continues to improve with each outing.  BMX racing is a tough sport, with the professional riders making it look easy from the stands and on television !!  The sport is great fun and great exercise for those interested in staying fit, but has certainly proved to be an emotional sport, not for the weak at heart !  The team will work out at the Allen Station Park BMX track in Allen, and will practice and compete at the Metroplex BMX facility in Desoto, and the Cowtown BMX track in Ft. Worth this winter.  Lane is scheduled to make his national event debut at the Dallas USA-BMX Super Nationals, March 22-24.

Lane Duncan takes advice from 'Nannie' Duncan, at Metroplex BMX in Desoto.

Lane Duncan #594, stages in the gate at Metroplex BMX.

Lane Duncan stages at Metroplex BMX 'No Brakes Required' event in Desoto.

RaceFace Photos captured Lane Duncan at Metroplex BMX event.

Sun Bru fun at the Metroplex BMX facility in Desoto, Tx.

Duncan Motosports #594 rider Lane Duncan

Lane Duncan with a podium finish at the Metroplex BMX - Tx Division 1 USABMX event.

Stay tuned to our blog and FaceBook page for our practice and race schedules, and come out and ride with us!!!!

********************  DUNCAN MOTORSPORTS NEWS UPDATE ********************

The Duncan Motosports Team is extremely excited to announce that Lane has taken delivery of a Redline Proline race bike, and has began practicing with the new ride !!!  Thanks to some super cool folks, Lane will be competing on state-of-the-art equipment with the latest and greatest components available.  With this latest edition to the arsenal, Lane will focus on practice and developing the Redline Proline piece at the race track, and will have our 2012 Mongoose as a backup and practice bike.  Stay tuned !!

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