Friday, February 22, 2013

Duncan Motosports BMX Action Heating Up

Lane Duncan has been busy training for the upcoming BMX season.  Riding for the Duncan Motosports Team, aboard his Redline built #327 bike, Lane has been attending training sessions at Cowtown BMX in Ft. Worth, and at the Metroplex BMX facility in Desoto. 

The Colin Whittington BMX Clinic's are held at Cowtown BMX park in Ft. Worth.  Visit the Cowtown BMX page on facebook for class schedules.  The training sessions cover starting techniques, passing techniques, and riding fundamentals.

The Brandon Elmore BMX Race Clinics are held at the Metroplex BMX facility in Desoto.  Lane has made improvements in starting gate techniques, with many practice starts at these classes.  Racer stamina and race tactics are also covered at these clinics, to improve rider performances.  Visit the Metroplex BMX facebook page for up to date info on these class schedules.

Lane will be attending multiple training sessions at both facilities, with several instructors, as the 2013 BMX race season ramps up.  Visit our Duncan Motorsports facebook page, to stay up with our race schedule, and come check out the BMX action !

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