Monday, February 24, 2014

Duncan Motorsports Prepares for LSGTPA 2014 Pulling Season

Lane Duncan and his team are busy preparing the 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor for the 2014 LSGTPA pulling season.  The little tractor from Enloe, Texas made its pulling debut on  March 6, 2010, and has since undergone many modifications since its original construction.  After the 2013 season, a little touchup and repair was needed for the machine.  The team disassembled the tractor, applied a fresh coat of Majic Paints red enamel from TSC, and fabricated new engine panels.  The new sheet metal was wrapped and received fresh 'T-Rex' artwork.  A growing driver required a widened seat, and relocated throttle pedal assembly, and a modified clutch pedal system.  Action Trophies and Awards of Carrollton, Texas, provided the team with an awesome dash and shifter panel for the tractor, to replace the faded original pieces.  A new hitch was fabricated, which relocates the hook position.  The wheelie bars have been modified slightly, to improve positioning while maintaining safety.  A fresh battery and an electronics check will finish the winter maintenance, and fresh fluids will be all that remains before testing.

The team plans to be completed and hopes to attend two test sessions scheduled for March 22 and 29.  The LSGTPA 2014 season opener is scheduled for Saturday April 12th, at 2pm in Cooper, Texas.  This event will be an inaugural pull held in conjunction with the Delta County Fair and Livestock Show.  The new site will feature a 200' track prepared by Rocky Young Construction, of Enloe, and is located at the Cooper City Park.

Check out the 'Texas T-Rex' winter maintenance action !
Lane wipes down the chassis with degreaser to prep for paint

Lane applies primer to the 'Texas T-Rex

Lane checks out the fresh Majic Paints red enamel on the T-Rex tin

Lane and his freshly painted 'Texas T-Rex' chassis

Fitting new engine sheet metal on the Texas T-Rex

Mock up of fresh engine sheet metal

Lane applies fresh vinyl wrap to the engine sheet metal 

Engine panel number two receives fresh vinyl wrapping

Lane warms up some fresh dinosaur artwork for the engine panels

Warming up the dinosaur for the wrap

Fresh T-Rex skins !

Fitting the engine panels, grill and hood.

Re-assembly of the finished panels and freshly painted parts !

Lane rolls out the T-Rex for a little sunshine

Lane Duncan prepares his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor for the Delta County Fair LSGTPA Tractor Pull.

Installing the new hitch on the 'Texas T-Rex'

Lane and his 'Texas T-Rex' ready for the 2014 season.
Lane at work aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractor.

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