Monday, April 14, 2014

Texas T-Rex 2014 Season Up and Running

The LSGTPA 2014  tractor pulling season opener was a great event, held in conjunction with the Delta County Fair and Livestock Show !  A great crowd of family, friends and fans were on hand at the Delta County Fair Pulling Track at the Cooper City Park.  Rocky Young Construction had prepared the track, and the surface was packed hard and graded smooth for the pulling teams.  Lane drew the number one card, which placed him as the very first ever puller, to hook to the LSGTPA sled in Delta County !!  We normally do not like pulling from the number one slot, but today it seemed fitting to bring the little tractor from Enloe out first !

Lane's first pass was as well as we could have hoped for.  The tractor went straight and stayed hooked to the track surface.  About the 100' mark, the track seemed to really have a hard spot that created a heavy drag on the sled, lugging the motor down for about 10 feet.  After the sled cleared this section, the engine speed came back up, and the tractor pulled to the 153.68 mark before being stopped.  This held for third place, just over 10 feet behind the leader, for a good opening round.  During the half time track maintenance, the track was watered, and on the next pass, the track was a little to slippery to make a good pull.  We declined the pull, and used our option to drop to the back of the class.  Once back up, we had a good pull going, but our line placed us squarely over the tight section in the middle, where the track had 'teeth'.  The sled stopped us at the 106' mark, just before we could clear the hard spot.  Lane held on for the fourth place finish on the day.  The result was not what we had hoped for, but overall, the pull was a nice event to start the season with.  We'll take it, and prepare for the next one !

Thanks to everyone who helped with this event, Rocky Young Construction for the track prep, Gracie Young for the Chamber of Commerce promoting, Richard Duncan and Enloe Museum for the Youth Class awards, Whitley Speight for her assistance in coordinating, and congrats to Cooper High School drum major and choir member Micalyn Rowe for her National Anthem performance.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who assisted !  Great job !

Lane Duncan pilots his 'Texas T-Rex' down the new Delta County Fair Pulling Track in Cooper Texas.   - Jason Davis photo
Lane Duncan makes tracks at the Delta County Fair Tractor Pull. - Ashley Jesko photo

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