Monday, July 14, 2014

LSGTPA Featured on Chevy Hometown Kids Program

The Chevy Hometown Kids program, featuring host and star Emily Reppert, filmed the LSGTPA event at the Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas.   The Fox Sports show, covers youth sporting events, and the LSGTPA Youth Class competitors put on a great show for the film crew !

The episode was released and aired on Fox Sports Southwest, and an additional airing was produced for a 'Best of Chevy Hometown Kids' episode.  Check out Chevy Hometown Kids and Fox Sports Southwest, for show schedules and times.

A 'youtube' version of the program, is available at the following link:

Chevy Hometown Kids LSGTPA Youth Class

Emily Reppert, host of Chevy Hometown Kids, with the LSGTPA Youth Class

Chevy Hometown Kids host Emily Reppert, visits with Lane Duncan at the LSGTPA tractor pull.

Lane Duncan and Emily Reppert discuss LSGTPA tractor pulling in Greeville, Texas

Chevy Hometown Kids star Emily Reppert, with the LSGTPA Youth Class at the Hunt County Fair.

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