Saturday, January 31, 2015

Duncan Motorsports Twisted Kitty Tractor to Debut in 2015

The construction of the 'Twisted Kitty' LSGTPA Youth Class tractor, looks to be on track to provide a 2015 debut for the Lane Duncan piloted machine.  The Duncan Motorsports team hopes to be ready for an early spring debut of the tractor, and may possibly be ready for the first event of the LSGTPA pulling season.  With an April start, the LSGTPA is rumored to have events in Cooper and Greenville, Texas tentatively scheduled. The team will have the 'Texas T-Rex' tractor ready to roll, and would like to be able to field the 'Twisted Kitty' tractor at the season opener, as well....but, only time will tell !

The team has a lot of work ahead, in a short amount of time, to prepare both tractors.  The team has enlisted assistance from several fabulous companies, that have helped to provide products for which to assemble the 1969 Sears Suburban 12.  ARP has awarded the team a supply of bolts, which will be used to assemble the tractor and engine.  ARP products have been used on the 'Texas T-Rex' tractor since 2010, and have performed flawlessly.  The team is excited to have ARP's continued support with the new tractor !

Precision Cams has assisted the team with a replacement camshaft, for the Briggs Stratton engine.  These camshafts are no longer in production, so utilizing the Precision Cams team to provide a factory replacement was a huge part of the effort.  Total Seal Piston Rings is currently working with the team, to provide a set of rings for the original replacement piston, which are also no longer in production for off-the-shelf pistons.  We are excited to have been able to work with the Total Seal Piston Rings team on our tractors, as we have for our engines in our race cars !

North Texas Speed & Machine has agreed to work with the Duncan Motorsports team, to provide machine shop services on the tractor engines.  The shop has provided block machine work and crankshaft work for the Briggs Stratton engine.  Fulton's Metal & Hardware has always made time to assist with our fabrication projects, and this year is no exception.  Fulton's has assisted with and provided for much of the special fabrication materials, which can be seen on both the 'Texas T-Rex' and 'Twisted Kitty' tractors.

As the team prepares for the 2015 LSGTPA pulling season, we would like to thank these companies and all of the others, that are involved in supporting our tractor pulling efforts !  We are going to try and acknowledge with highlights, as the season goes on, the assistance we have received from these groups and stay tuned !!     Thanks again guys and gals....we appreciate your support !!

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