Thursday, June 4, 2015

Twisted Kitty Tractor Construction Continues

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports team continue to work at preparing the team's second tractor for LSGTPA pulling competition.  Hoping to make a 2015 debut, the team has the engine installed and running, and are working to eliminate several unexpected issues. Initially, the original carburetor was planned to be utilized, but enough wear had occurred on the original piece, that a new one was deemed appropriate.  A few issues with the new carburetor, and a severe lean condition, prompted the team to move to plan an improved setup for fuel delivery.  The team is currently working to adapt a Mikuni carburetor to the Briggs Stratton engine.  The improved setup will allow for tuning of the fuel delivery, to allow the engine to operate without the lean condition which could cause damage.

The team has also been moved to install a less aggressive compression combination, with changing the head gasket thickness.  This move is an attempt to reduce engine heat, which also seems to be a concern.  ARP head studs and bolts are used to seal up the new engine, and have proved to be very nice pieces of hardware !  The team will continue to tune and modify the components, until a pull worthy combination can be obtained.  Stay tuned !!

Lane Duncan installs ARP head studs onto the Twisted Kitty powerplant.

Lane Duncan uses a degree wheel, to mark timing positions on the Briggs Stratton flywheel.

Lane Duncan adjusts ignition timing, on the Zach Kerber machined crank trigger.

Lane Duncan looks over the ARP fasteners, installed on his Twisted Kitty engine.

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