Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Duncan Team Manages Top Five Finish In Bartlett

Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports LSGTPA pulling team rolled into Bartlett, Texas for competition during the Old Town Festival event.  High temperatures and humidity welcomed the team, along with a tricky track surface which featured both dry patches on top and wet areas underneath.  Lane managed a top five finish aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, but a sub-par pull in the first round limited the 'Twisted Kitty' to a seventh place finish.

The team will regroup, and perform some maintenance on both machines, in preparation for the Old Time Saturday event in Farmersville, Texas on October 1st.  Always a fun time in Farmersville, with many activities going on throughout the day !  Mark your calendars !

Lane Duncan pulls to a top five finish at the Old Town Festival event in Bartlett, Texas.

Lane Duncan steers his 'Twisted Kitty' downtrack in Bartlett, Texas, during the LSGTPA event.

LSGTPA Youth Class drivers find shade in Bartlett, during the Old Town Festival tractor pull.

Old Time Saturday in Farmersville will feature LSGTPA tractor pulling at 12 noon !

Texas performing talent Victoria Leigh, will perform the National Anthem during LSGTPA opening ceremonies in Farmersville.

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