Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Duncan Team Testing Tractors In Bonham

Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' team attended the LSGTPA Test -N- Tune event, held at the Powder Creek Park Pulling Track in Bonham, Texas.  The goal for the team, was to make a test pull aboard the 'Texas T-Rex', and to debut the new 'Twisted Kitty' tractor with a couple of test pulls.

The day started great, weather-wise, but got off to a rocky start as the LSGTPA group found a weak link in the sled early.  During the unloading of equipment, the transfer sled was found to have a broken steering link.  Repairs to the sled and equipment, took most of the day, limiting the teams time for testing.

Both of the Duncan Motorsports team tractors were inspected and passed technical inspection, but the 'Texas T-Rex' was not unloaded.  The team prepared to use the time for test passes aboard the new Youth Class tractor.   The day ended early for the 'Twisted Kitty'.  With a fairly easy tuneup, Lane hooked to the sled for an easy pass.  The tractor left the line pretty hard, carrying the wheels a little more than expected, out to around the thirty foot mark.  As the tractor settled down and seemed to be about to make a pretty good pull, something failed in the transmission. 

The team will attempt to make repairs and weight adjustments, for the LSGTPA Season Opener at the Delta County Fair in Cooper, Texas.  The event is set for a 2pm start, on Saturday April 9th.

Stay tuned.... !

Lane Duncan launches his 'Twisted Kitty' Youth Class tractor, during LSGTPA Test-N-Tune in Bonham, Texas.

Lane Duncan launches 'Twisted Kitty' at the Powder Creek Park Pulling Track in Bonham.

LSGTPA 2016 Pulling Schedule

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