Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Duncan Team Pulls Out Win At Powder Creek Park

Lane Duncan turned in a good performance at the Bonham Heritage Day LSGTPA tractor pull, at the historic Powder Creek Park facility in Bonham, Texas.  Duncan and team unloaded two tractors for competition in the LSGTPA Youth Class.  The old standby 'Texas T-Rex' tractor drew the first card, and would take to the track first.  The newly completed 'Twisted Kitty' tractor, would pull last in the class. 

During the opening round, Lane made good pulls on both tractors, with the 'Texas T-Rex' tractor holding onto the lead.  After the first pull of the second round, Lane elected to drop the 'T-Rex' tractor to the back of the field.  Once the dust had cleared, Lane had positioned his tractors in first and second place, with the 'Texas T-Rex' taking the win, and the 'Twisted Kitty' finishing in the runner up spot.

On the day, the team had a great outing on a pretty peculiar track.  The surface was sticky, and somewhat spongy underneath.  The completely different setups on both tractors, helps the team determine what each track requires, and is providing and interesting lesson at each event.   Hopefully, campaigning the two tractors with different setups, will help the team in the long run, in learning the benefits of each combination. 

Thanks to everyone who supports LSGTPA tractor pulling, and to all those who help us compete !  We appreciate everyone who helps us get to play in the dirt !!

Lane Duncan presents an honorary trophy to Grace Johnson, for her National Anthem performance at the Bonham Heritage Day LSGTPA tractor pull at Powder Creek Park.

Lane Duncan shares a good word with Steve Mack, of Racers For Christ, at the Bonham Heritage Day LSGTPA Tractor Pull in Bonham, Texas.

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