Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Lane Duncan and his Duncan Motorsports Team crew continue to celebrate their 2016 LSGTPA Youth Class Championship, but the group is also planning and preparing for the 2017 pulling season.  A new shop location for the off season has been prepared in Wylie, Texas, where the team will dismantle both the 'Texas T-Rex' and 'Twisted Kitty' Youth Class tractors.  Both tractors will undergo changes during the offseason, but no major changes in setup are planned.

Lane piloted the tractors to a one-two finish in 2016, scoring the LSGTPA Youth Class Championship aboard his 'Twisted Kitty' entry.  The team plans to perform off season preventative maintenance, and upgrade a few components on the TK, but will not change the tractor baseline setup.  Also, a few cosmetic changes are planned for the black tractor.

Lane's popular and long running 'Texas T-Rex' machine will undergo a cosmetic makeover, with a fresh paint and wrap planned for the tractor.  A few car show appearances are scheduled, to represent the team and the LSGTPA, during the off season.  Prior to the start of the 2017 pulling season, the roll cage will be modified to allow for the ever growing driver some extra interior room. 

Lane and the Duncan Motorsports Team are also working on an internet broadcast program, titled 'Spinning Our Wheels' !  Lane plans to provide team updates, motorsports news and LSGTPA event coverage, along with driver interviews and local celebrity appearances.  The show will be a mix of motorsports fun with some random entertainment and comedy.   Stay tuned for more on 'Spinning Our Wheels' !

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