Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Texas T-Rex Returns to the Hunt County Fair

Lane Duncan and his 'Texas T-Rex' LSGTPA Youth Class pulling tractor were back in action at the Hunt County Fair in Greenville, Texas this past weekend.  The LSGTPA Tractor Pull, held at the fair on June 8th and 9th, has become an annual event that the Duncan Motorsports crew and Team T-Rex certainly look forward to.  Lane's first win in LSGTPA tractor pulling competition, came at the fair in 2011.

This years pull was conducted on a specifically constructed track for the tractor pullers.  In years past, the pulls were conducted at the fairground rodeo arena.  Heavy rains in the area delayed the start of the event, but once the track preparation had been completed, the pull was off and running.  Opening ceremonies included an outstanding performance of the National Anthem by Amber Carrington.  I expect to see more from this very talented young lady in the years to come, as she is certainly a talented performer.

Lane's first pull was hampered by the damp track conditions, but he rebounded nicely to come back with a very nice pull during the second session, which placed his 'Texas T-Rex' in the Runner-Up spot at the finish.  On Saturday night, after another awesome National Anthem performance by Amber Carrington, Lane opened with a crossed up pull that required an early shutoff to keep from going out of bounds for a DQ.  On the second pull, Lane had a plan on how to drive the tricky track without going out of bounds, and executed his plan flawlessly.  As the tractor made several moves to the right side boundary, Lane would feather the throttle to allow the front end to settle just long enough to steer the tractor back, and then would be back on the gas !  He repeated this the length of the track for a great pull, and secured a third place finish with the pull.

The Hunt County Fair LSGTPA Tractor Pull 2012, was a decent performance for the team, and was certainly a lot of fun !  We would like to thank our sponsors and friends for allowing us the opportunity to compete, such as South Texas Implements and would like to mention Enloe Museum as the Youth Class trophys sponsor.  Thanks to the Hunt County Fair and Crawford-Smith, Inc. of Greenville for sponsoring the event.  And a big thank you to Amber Carrington, for contributing so much to the opening ceremonies with her National Anthem performance on both nights....just an incredible performance !!

Amber Carrington performs at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA tractor pull.

Amber Carrington presents the National Anthem at the Hunt County Fair tractor pull

Lane pilots the 'Texas T-Rex'  at the Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull in Greenville.

A wave to the crowd at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA tractor pull.

Lane and the 'Texas T-Rex' on a pull in Greenville, Texas.

Unloading with  Runner-Up and Third Place hardware from the Hunt County Fair tractor pull.

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