Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Texas T-Rex Team Prepping for Hunt County Fair Pull

The Duncan Motorsports crew has been preparing the 'Texas T-Rex' tractor for the upcoming Hunt County Fair Tractor Pull in Greenville, Texas.  The LSGTPA event will be held on June 7 and 8, in conjunction with the opening weekend of the Hunt County Fair.  The previous events have provided tricky conditions, with rain during the days prior to the event causing the track to be somewhat on the damp side.  The tire package on the 'T-Rex' has favored the hard and sticky track surface, but not so much the soft and loose tracks.  The team hopes to have a 'soft track' combination with the installation of a set of Firestone tires, which have a different tread angle.  In an attempt to upgrade, the crew also decided to go with an aluminum wheel and tubeless tire package, as opposed to the steel wheel with tubes on the current setup.  A set of studs were installed on the rear hubs and new hubs were fitted to the front.  Chassis modifications were necessary to fit the new wheel and tire package, including raising the seat and cage, and lengthening the upper wheelie bar tubes.  Nothing ever just bolts on !!!

See some sneak peeks of the work below...

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