Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Duncan Wheels Texas T-Rex to Runner-Up Finish

Lane Duncan wheeled his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor, with new wheels, to a second place finish at the Hunt County Fair LSGTPA tractor pull.  The Duncan Motorsports team chose the Greenville track to debut a new wheel and tire package on the Youth Class pulling tractor.  Searching for a better 'soft' track combination, the team ran a set of Firestone Flotation 23 series tires and Douglas aluminum wheels.  Replacing the steel wheels front and back, combined with a different sidewall on the rear tires, changed the balance of the tractor somewhat, so the team was a little off on the setup for Friday nights pull, and placed fifth in the field.  After relocating some weight Saturday, the team rebounded nicely with a better setup, to finish in the Runner-Up spot, in the Enloe Museum Youth Class.

Lane Duncan at work aboard his 'Texas T-Rex' pulling tractor.

Lane Duncan wheels his 'Texas T-Rex' tractor at the Hunt County Fair.

Jeff Duncan offers some advice to driver Lane Duncan,  during the LSGTPA tractor pull.

Lane Duncan and the 'Texas T-Rex' pull to a Runner-Up finish at the Hunt County Fair.
Lane Duncan unloads with hardware from the Hunt County Fair  tractor pull.

Bailey Melvin and Morgan Dellow, stop by the 'T-Rex' pit after singing the National Anthem.

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