Thursday, August 5, 2010

Twisted Kitty

Outlaw heads-up racing has always been the attraction for me in drag racing.  I hated to cut up either of the finished Cherry Bomb or Casper Chevelles, for the purpose of making the modifications needed to participate in Outlaw racing, but was wanting to build a ride to mix it up with the fast boys.  So, back to the pasture we went and pulled out the roughest old girl we had.  This way, I wouldn't feel bad about cutting and back-halving the frame or replacing good body panels with fiberglass ones.  Also, while the thought of wrecking is never pleasant, it would seem that damaging an original piece would be salt in the wound, should the unfortunate occur.

Currently under construction is the 'Twisted Kitty', an SS Chevelle to be powered by a 396ci smallblock, inhaling nitrous through twin foggers and a third, adjustable plate, nitrous system. Built using the KOTH, ORSCA, and OTTA rule books, the 'TK' will compete in Outlaw 10.5 shootouts and various heads up classes.

1968 Chevelle body

This thing had an armadillo den underneath it.  I am sure they just relocated to the Chevelle next door.

We had to run a few wasps, rats, and snakes out.

washing cars makes me thirsty



crew chief taking a break

Destined to be Candy Apple Red with black stripes and a black vinyl top, the SS rides on 33 X 10.5W rear tires mounted on 15X12 rear wheels.  The 9" Ford rear end utilizes a four link suspension and adjustable coil over shocks.  The SFI chassis holds everything together.

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